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“Mom! Can’t you work in here???” bellows Candice Gilmer’s seven-year old.

“No,” Candice replies, knowing that Spongebob Squarepants will kill the ability to write anything even remotely sexy.

Not that she sits far away – a mere twenty feet away from the television and her daughter. Still, that twenty feet is evidently more than the child can handle. The two-year-old, however, has no problem with Mom in the other room, and is happily clanking his trucks around, making the sirens go off non-stop.

Candice wonders who bought the noisy toys, and thinks if she can remember, they're going off the Christmas card list.

“But Mom… I’m hungry…”

The two-year-old’s enjoyment of his truck ends because he comes into the kitchen, grabs a bag of gummie treats and thrusts them, along with his sippy cup at Candice. Evidently he desires food too.

And such is the daily life of one Candice Gilmer, Mommy and Writer. She does have a day job, well, an evening job, as a hairdresser, and has done that for over fifteen years. Meanwhile, writing was always in the back of her mind.

Even as a kid, she was telling stories, memorizing “Cinderella,” the voices Mommy used and all, and could recite it on demand at two.

Telling stories comes naturally to Candice, a genetic trait of the family.

If you don’t believe her, go to one of her family barbecues – everyone tells stories, from her grandfather, her uncles, her brother, to her mom. There’s no short, one liners from her family. Every story is a production, slightly exaggerated, and usually hysterical.

And if you’re not careful, you might get roped in and not be able to get out.



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"Gilmer's MISSION OF CHRISTMAS is a quick reading contemporary romance novella that drew me in from the beginning."

Romance Junkies

"RELUCTANT PRINCE is hot, intelligent, suspenseful, and adrenaline pumping....Candice Gilmer has taken several threads and tightly woven them into a seamless story of love and betrayal."

Romance Reviews Today

"Candice Gilmer will have you flipping the pages so fast your fingers will be burning (along with a few other parts - oh my!)"

Black Raven Reviews

“Every now and then, an e-publisher surprises this reader with a book that really begs to be released in hard copy. This is the case with Samhain Publishing and their discovery of Candice Gilmer’s chilling romantic suspense, FANTASY GIRL. What makes this story so chilling is that it could happen to anyone.”
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About Before His Eyes:

"This sexually charged novel by Gilmer (Mission of Christmas) makes a strong point about appearances versus the underlying substance in human relationships."

Henry, Library Journal

About Mission of Christmas:

"Mission of Christmas by Candice Gilmer happens to be the perfect mix of a story for the holidays. It has a nice bit of wit, humor, spice, heartache, tenderness and love all mixed into one delightful story."

Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

About Under His Nose:

 "Under His Nose has a distinct voice–there is a wonderful sense of humor running throughout what is a sweet, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable romance."

KristinD, Bitten By Books

About The Reluctant Prince:

"Candice Gilmer will have you flipping the pages so fast your fingers will be burning (along with a few other parts - oh my!)"

Ashley, Black Raven Reviews

About Fantasy Girl:

"...Samhain Publishing and Candice Gilmer have hit the ball way out of the park with Fantasy Girl. This gripping, chilling, romantic suspense is sure to be a solid seller."

Tammy, Love Romances and More



*Mission of Christmas



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