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The dreaded 404 Error Page...

I've been messing around with my site again!

Evidently I forgot a colon or something...

It happens. More often than I like to admit,

hence, making my own 404 page.


Better go back!


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About His Velvet Touch:

"Even though it's a novella, it didn't read like one at  all. It was a complete story... a complete romance.... completely entertaining."

Christi, Smitten With Reading

About Before His Eyes:

"This sexually charged novel by Gilmer (Mission of Christmas) makes a strong point about appearances versus the underlying substance in human relationships."

Henry, Library Journal

About Mission of Christmas:

"Mission of Christmas by Candice Gilmer happens to be the perfect mix of a story for the holidays. It has a nice bit of wit, humor, spice, heartache, tenderness and love all mixed into one delightful story."

Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

About Under His Nose:

 "Under His Nose has a distinct voice–there is a wonderful sense of humor running throughout what is a sweet, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable romance."

KristinD, Bitten By Books

About The Reluctant Prince:

"Candice Gilmer will have you flipping the pages so fast your fingers will be burning (along with a few other parts - oh my!)"

Ashley, Black Raven Reviews


*Mission of Christmas



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