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Paranormal Romance


The Guys and Godmothers Series

So some fairy godmothers decide to try to
take on men. Because they think men will be easier.
They were wrong.


Under His Nose

Under His Nose, available electronically from Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Print will be available July 2015

Book 1 in the Guys and Godmothers series.

All it takes is faith, trust, and fairy dust. A swift kick never hurts, either.

Christy is due for retirement from her fairy godmother gig, but she agrees to take one last case. Helping Roark Turner find his perfect girl shouldn’t be much of a challenge—even if she must use as little magic as possible to bring Roark his Happily Ever After.

Or she’ll never get her own Happily Ever After.

Before His Eyes

Before His Eyes, February 2014 from Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble

Print will be available July 2015

Book 2 in the Guys and Godmothers Series

Sometimes even a fairy godmother needs to call for backup.

Lilly's latest assignment, Bruce, gives her a panic attack. He's never seen his perfect match, Greta. Their online friendship has him in tangles, because Greta's never posted a picture of herself. For a photographer like Bruce, that's just unheard of.

Lilly has to find a way to bring them together even when their secrets seemed certain to push them apart.

Just His Taste

Just His Taste Coming September 2014 from Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Print will be available late 2015.

Book 3 in the Guys and Godmothers Series

Even Fairy Godmothers can make the wrong call

Avalynn Fay is not the typical Fairy Godmother. She wears leather body suits, rides motorcycles and prefers bourbon to anything fru-fru. Her new charge, Jason, a decent guy, is willing to be his ex-girlfriend's stand in date .

Easy case, right? It would be, except when Ava and Jason meet, suddenly no one is good enough for him, not even his listed HEA.

But rules are rules, regardless of what Ava and Jason feel.

So, for those of you who love to hold that book in your hand, these digital only stories will be coming in PRINT!

Behold! The Guys and Godmothers Print Anthology is coming July, 2015, with Under His Nose and Before His Eyes in a single volume.

Which gives me yet another excuse to make swag! :)

What about Just His Taste, you ask... Well, shh.. it's a secret. That book will be in print too... coming soon!


The Mythicals Series

A spin-off of the Guys and Godmothers Series, and bridge between the Guys and Godmothers and the Mythical Knights Series, set on the magical island of Avalon

Saving Her Destiny coming June, 2015 from Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Duncan’s mission is as simple as it is desperate. Find missing banshee, Cara, before an assassin unlocks her scream energy, and uses it to wipe out the last merrow colony on earth, not to mention kill her in the process. 

Duncan can't lose Cara, because she's also his best friend.

And secretly, he's been in love with her for a decade.


The Mythical Knights Series

A whole world of vampires, werewolves, dragons, and the
Immortal Knights Templar who keep them all in check.

Brightest Shadow Mythical Knights Book 0.5

Coming September 2015



Dark Within Mythical Knights Book 1

Coming October, 2015


More information coming soon!


Bravest Flame Mythical Knights Book 1.5

Coming November 2015

Cover Coming Soon

Darker Cravings Mythical Knights Book 2

Coming 2016


More information coming soon!


Boldest Choice Mythical Knights Book 2.5

Coming 2016

Cover Coming Soon

Darkest Judgment Mythical Knights Book 3

Coming 2016


More information coming soon!



Contemporary Romances


His Velvet Touch Available December 2014

When Harper walks into Chris’s life on a hook-up dare from her friends, he wants nothing to do with her until he realizes he can use her to his benefit. She works for an investment firm, and Chris needs an investor for his company that’s about to get bought out by his biggest competitor.

However, he didn’t expect to need her.

As part of the Taming The Alpha anthology, available December 2014 from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, at a special, limited time boxed set.

Mission Of Christmas

Mission of Christmas available electronically from Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble

Erica hates Christmas. Her best friend, Andrew, loves it.

Andrew wants to show Erica that Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year.

If she'll let him.

This is a previously published book. New content has been added for the re-release.

Fantasy Girl, from Samhain Publishing,

Available in ebook and print from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

By day, Lynn is a boring bookkeeper. But by night, she's "Hush," writing naughty stories for her on-line legion of adoring fan fiction minions. Her secret life is far from private.

Jack is an undercover agent hunting for an internet-trolling serial killer, and the trail has led to Lynn's website. He'll do anything to gain her trust to bring the killer down. But soon the goofy writer starts staining his brain--and his heart.

Keeping her safe just got more complicated, because the killer is about to come out from between the pixels--and "Hush" is his target.

 The Reluctant Prince, from Samhain Publishing

Available in ebook form, and print from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The last thing free-spirited Sydney Martinson wants on her trip to Vegas is complications. She’s there for a conference, as well as a break from her obsessive ex-husband.

But that’s before she encounters the super hot Hadrian Drake while making a wish at a fountain. He is every bit a complication she doesn't need. Hot. Sexy. On a cooking show. Prince. Hot...

Wait… did he say prince?


Heat Ratings:

Very intense, graphic, and sexy love scenes
Sexy love scenes, moderately graphic
Modest love scenes
Little to no love scenes
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About Saving Her Destiny:

"There's nothing so addictive as treachery in an unseen world!"

Leslie, RT Book Reviews

"You just can’t go wrong with a mythical place like Avalon where Fairies, Banshee, Mermen, Werewolves, Vampires and even Djinn are around. Let your imagination lose for this one, sit back and enjoy being thrust into your dream world of magic and all that you wish “did” exist."

Christina, Jeep Diva Reviews


About His Velvet Touch:

"Even though it's a novella, it didn't read like one at  all. It was a complete story... a complete romance.... completely entertaining."

Christi, Smitten With Reading

About Before His Eyes:

"This sexually charged novel by Gilmer (Mission of Christmas) makes a strong point about appearances versus the underlying substance in human relationships."

Henry, Library Journal

About Mission of Christmas:

"Mission of Christmas by Candice Gilmer happens to be the perfect mix of a story for the holidays. It has a nice bit of wit, humor, spice, heartache, tenderness and love all mixed into one delightful story."

Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

About Under His Nose:

 "Under His Nose has a distinct voice–there is a wonderful sense of humor running throughout what is a sweet, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable romance."

KristinD, Bitten By Books

About The Reluctant Prince:

"Candice Gilmer will have you flipping the pages so fast your fingers will be burning (along with a few other parts - oh my!)"

Ashley, Black Raven Reviews







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