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My Little Helpers

Candice Gilmer

So today, while I was doing laundry, my kids came in my room where I'd been working on my computer, and started reading on the book I was working on cleaning up. 

My daughter and son decided to help write the end of the chapter I was working on. I felt the need to share it with the world. 


She smiled.  He was hot. Really hot. As hot as hot could be. Hotter than hot.  Even though he looked like Christmas personified, he was still hot. Hotter than Santa clause in a 60 degree room.

Uh-oh spaghetti O’s they’re in an apartment and it’s been ruined. She wondered what happened and she started crying and having a realistic deception of a panic attack. It’s because it’s her best friend’s apartment, uh-oh again. Whatever shall she do?

Will the indominable human spirit be enough to defeat the enemy whoever-they-are? Will the guy on the cover (Christmas personified) finally put a shirt on? Find out next time, on Alien Need!

If you liked this and want more, contact me. I am a poor college graduate willing to work for money. Please. I’m poor, so very poor.  


I'm debating if this is going on the back of the print book. 

Or maybe in a special edition?? 

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