Collection: The Charming Fairy Tales

These amazing, adult-skewed fairy tales have a little bit of magic, a little bit of adventure, and a whole lot of romance. 


In the kingdom of the White Mountains, where war for a generation brought family against family and provinces were irrevocably split, three young men, called The Charming Nobles, were born to a life of privilege, but also to responsibility.

Lord Nicolas von Hohburg, the eldest son of Duke von Hohburg, was the first and oldest of the boys, but only by a few months. Next in line was Lord Penn von Eisenburg, who became Earl von Eisenburg at fourteen when his father died. Last was Count Bryan von Thalunburg, the second son to Duke von und zu Thalunburg, bestowed with a title simply because the duke had many.

While not the only eligible bachelors in the region, they were certainly the most sought after. Many young noble ladies wished to land one of The Charming Nobles, and girls of lower class attempted, on occasion, to win one of their beds.

So far, none of the noble ladies had succeeded in marrying one of them.

The girls of the lower class? Well, the Charming Nobles were men of honor, and would never tell.

After all, what good was having the reputation of a sought-after bachelor if one married?